What awaits the world and South Africa in the 2020s and 2030s?

Have four decades of financial stimulus taken the world to the brink of a global market crash? Will new virus variants trigger that crash? Can the American political divide be healed? What is the economic and energy outlook for Europe?   What do the culture wars sweeping Western democracies mean for the competitiveness of their economies and militaries? How will the emerging new 'cold war' between East and West play out? Are China's fundamentals strong enough to project real power outside of the South China Sea? What does the American withdrawal from Afghanistan and sabre rattling from Iran mean for Middle Eastern stability? What will happen in India and can it buck the global uncertainty trends to become the 'next big thing'? What happened to the Africa rising story and what is the economic and political prognosis for the continent? And in South Africa what are the odds of coaction government beating the African National Congress outright in 2024 and setting the country on a path to reform?