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Frans Cronje Private Clients is a firm specializing in independent political and economic advice and strategy.

Frans Cronje
What We Offer


Our services are designed to give you access to the political and economic information necessary to make successful investment and strategic decisions


On-demand strategic advice

Independent political, economic, and policy advice backed by a track record of accurate prediction is a valuable commodity. Embedding on-demand access to such advice in your team allows you to anticipate economic and political events long before they occur and know what policy makers are likely to do long before they do it.

Formal briefings that put you on point

Over the past two decades we have formally briefed hundreds of companies, government agencies, and HNW families on the likely long term political evolution of the world and South Africa. Formal briefings are short, data-packed, chart-based, and designed to get you on-point on how political and economic developments around your business will unfold.

Problem solving for positive long-term outcomes

When things go wrong, we offer experienced, informed, and independent advice on how to engage with clients, the public and policy makers to build trust and construct strategies that ensure positive long term policy outcomes.

Exploring what you don’t know

Remove uncertainty from your local or global operations by stress-testing your corporate strategy against a set of focused scenarios setting out every plausible policy, political, and economic trajectory of the region, country and industry in which you operate.

Our Team

We are an independent political and economic advisory firm with over 20 years of experience working with clients ranging from leading Fortune 500 companies to major banks and financial institutions and some of the world’s most influential governments.

Frans Cronje

  • Name : Frans Cronje
  • Age : 45 Years
  • Nationality :South African

I have lived and worked in both the USA and South Africa. For almost two decades I worked for Africa’s oldest research and policy think-tank where I established its risk advisory consultancy. I have drafted and/or edited hundreds of notes, reports, and analyses on subjects ranging from public opinion polling to education trends, electricity supply prognoses, growth forecasts, currency estimates, protest trends, security risks, China and Russia in Africa, global trade wars, Brexit predictions, US presidential elections, and global financial reversals.

I have briefed several hundred organizations and an estimated 30 000 people on scenarios for the world and South Africa and advised scores of firms on what they need to do to develop public policy strategies capable of safely navigating political icebergs whilst taking advantage of often equally hidden opportunities. I have authored three best-seller list books on the future of the world and South Africa and taught scenario-based strategy to the MBA program of a South African business school.

St John’s College in Houghton


Wits University

1996-2001 BA (Hons) (MA)

North-West University

2011-2014 PhD

Frans Cronje
Bheki Mahlobo

Bheki Mahlobo

  • Name : Bheki Mahlobo
  • Age : 26 Years
  • Nationality :South African

I am an economist and Partner at Frans Cronje Private Clients. My career started at the Centre for Risk Analysis and I later worked as a financial analyst at the financial consulting firm ETM Analytics. I specialise in economic and financial markets research as well as political trend analysis.

I have briefed scores of companies on South Africa’s long term economic, markets, and political outlook and have drafted an extensive cross section of notes and reports and co-authored a chapter of the book “The Future of Cities" with Professor Joel Kotkin of the American Enterprise Institute.

I was raised in the rural Eastern Cape village of Lupapasi and later moved to Johannesburg for my schooling. From August of 2024 I will be based in California to complete a post-graduate degree in economics.

Boksburg High School


University of South Africa (Unisa)

2017-2021 (BCom Economics)

Chapman University, United States

2024-2026 (MS in Economics)


To what industries do you consult?

We typically consult to large financial institutions and multinational corporations.


Do you work around the world?



Can we follow you on social media?

No, the firm does not have social media accounts or profiles.


Do you offer once off or occasional briefings on developments in South Africa?

Yes. Much of the work done by the firm revolves around producing heavily data-based and deep-dive strategic briefings on a once off or occasional basis.


Do you provide subscription packages or reports?

In addition to once off or occasional briefings we offer tailor-made retainer-based advisory services starting at around R250 000 per annum.