Time Traveller's Guide to South Africa

The Time Traveller's Guide to South Africa is a series of scenarios that explain what is happening in the country, why it is happening, and what is going to happen next. South Africa has undergone dramatic change in recent years. Political tensions are on the up, economic performance has weakened, and more and more South Africans are taking their frustrations to the streets. The scenarios explain what this means for our future and what South Africa will look like in 2030. Will a spark ignite the powder keg? Will South Africa take the socialist route and allow the state to seize all wealth and land? Will the status quo prevail, and the wealth divide widen while crime soars? Do we face a pernicious erosion of our democratic rights and freedoms? Or will a rainbow rise unexpectedly?

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"Frans Cronje has ensured that South Africa will remain at the forefront in the field of scenario planning. More importantly, his scenarios may tip the odds in favour of the country fulfilling the great potential that it currently possesses"

- Clem Sunter

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