You can bring Frans Cronje and some of his colleagues into your organisation to talk about South Africa's latest scenarios. Each briefing provides an updated deep-dive futures research analysis of major economic, social, and political trends for South Africa. These trends are extrapolated into four scenarios together with short, medium, and long term forecasts of key indicators for each scenario. By the end of each briefing the audience will have a deeper understanding of what is happening in South Africa, why it is happening, and what is likely to happen over the next 3, 12, 36, and 120 months.

Briefings typically run for 45 minutes with time for questions and are popular for board meetings, investment seminars, strategic planning breakaways, and client presentations and have become a staple component of the strategic planning efforts of financial services firms, wealth managers, mining houses, consumer goods companies, car manufacturers, advertising and marketing agencies, IT companies, government departments and agencies, and foreign governments. Outside of the formal world of business and government a particularly important priority is to reach large numbers of ordinary South Africans by presenting the scenarios to schools, churches, community groups, and non-profit organisations.

Briefings are conducted at your convenience, in your office, anywhere in the world.

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