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Below follow a selection of reviews and media citations of Frans Cronje's books and scenarios for South Africa.
Whither South Africa? - 3 July 2017

Will the South African state fail or can the country thrive in the next 15 years? Author and columnist Brent Meersman reviews A Time Traveller's Guide to South Africa in 2030 and says "four scenarios give us a glimpse of the rainbow nation’s potential fate".

South Africa's socio-economic progress as a democracy - 1 July 2017

A departure point for the Time Traveller scenarios is that far more socio-economic progress has been made in South Africa than is commonly understood. In this analysis Frans Cronje focusses on the socio-economic successes of South Africa's first two decades as a democracy.

Rian Malan interrogates Frans Cronje about South Africa's future and his latest scenarios - 5 June 2017

CAPE TOWN — For futurist writers, there must be nothing quite as satisfying as seeing their predicted scenarios playing out. In Frans Cronje’s 2014-published ‘A Time Traveller’s Guide to South Africa for the next 10 years,’ one of his four scenario-arrows hit bull’s eye as we begin to live through it. Fellow author and chronicler of our recent dramatic history, Rian Malan, elicits the background to what will be a trilogy of scenario-setting books aimed at guiding decision makers through the greatest uncertainty since the early 1980’s. Cronje first book took us down four roads, one of which, the Toll Road, is playing out with sweeping economic reforms, renewed hope for democracy and ANC support in urban areas dwindling as protests increase. In his (current) second book, taking us up to 2030, we can only hope that his The Rise of the Rainbow scenario, is as accurate. It’s looking likely, with increasing portents of the ruling party entering a coalition with opposition parties, leading to greater private sector participation (in a good way) and falling unemployment. As they say, we see what we want to. Nothing wrong with looking for a rainbow after the storm, even if it’s washed away so much. – Chris Bateman