In the media

Below follow a selection of reviews and media citations of Frans Cronje's books and scenarios for South Africa.
The prospects for policy reform in South Africa in 2018 - Politicsweb, 10 January 2018

Much hope rides on Mr Cyril Ramaphosa to drive a series of policy reforms that will position South Africa as a more competitive emerging market. With South Africa's economic growth rate forecast to underperform emerging market averages by over 70% this year reform is urgent. But a number of hurdles lie in the way of reform - both within and beyond Mr Ramaphosa's party.

South Africa still has a good story to tell - News24, 7 December 2017

The mood in South Africa has turned sharply pessimistic. A slowing economy, massive unemployment, and allegations of state capture have combined to form a dark cloud that overshadows the promise of 1994. Amidst the funk, however, one organisation has, at times, taken a different view, producing a series of reports that show South Africa as a country that has also made considerable progress. News24 spoke to the CEO of the IRR, Frans Cronje, about what his organisation has been arguing about South Africa's post-1994 progress

ANC leadership race is not a zero-sum-game event - BizNews, 20 October 2017

Analysts and observors should not see the result of the 2017 ANC leadership race as a zero-sum-game for South Africa. In fact a very messy outcome is likley to be triggerred by the very closeness of the race and it will be some time before clarity emerges on the balance of power within South Africa's ruling party.